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By   reading   this   you   are   going   to   discover   probably   the   biggest   WOW    ever   ,   you   will   realize   what   the   old   sales   pitch   and   cliché the client comes first really means if it is applied. My   panic Aid   is   a    24/7   personal   assistance,   t his   is   achieved   through   a   team   of   well   trained   personnel   working   in   shifts   waiting for any distress signal send by You. A family of 5 - 2 adults and 3 children is covered on one membership You   do   not   have   to   belong   to   an   insurance   company,   medical   aid   or   go   for   any   tests   to   be   able   to   benefit   from   my   panic   aid (assistance and not a policy ) This is the most comprehensive, efficient and affordable EMS solution there is available in South-Africa. Almost   any   crisis   you   may   encounter   on   a   Daily   basis   can   be   solved   through   my   panic   aid   with   as   much   effort   as   a cost free call
About Us
My    panic    aid    was    formed    in    2012    to    support    and    assist    the community and fill in the lack of general services. We    thus    focus    on    supporting    our    customer    when    a    crisis    is becoming   too   much   to   handle   .It   soon   becomes   clear   that   this   is   a product   that   is   needed   all   over   South   Africa   and   through   popular demand at the end of 2014 it was rolled out country wide. My   panic   aid   is   an   organization   who’s   sole   purpose   is   to   combine innovative     ideas     with     technology     to     offer     personal     support services at the lowest possible price. We   strive   to   protect   and   support   you   to   such   an   extent   that   no crisis will be too big to handle.
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Cell: 082 295 6768 Email:   Physical Address: 44 Sylvia Street, Heatherdale, Akasia
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