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Our   logo   resembles   innovation   in   simplicity,   the   five   human   figures   resembles   the   family   bond   and   the   one   below   the   power   of   numbers.   The   logo   is designed by a young up and coming artist and prides him on the fact that power comes from free thinking. About us My panic aid was formed in 2012 to support and assist the community and fill in the lack of general services. We   thus   focus   on   supporting   our   customer   when   a   crisis   is   becoming   too   much   to   handle   .It   soon   becomes   clear   that   this   is   a   product   that   is   needed all over South Africa and through popular demand at the end of 2014 it was rolled out country wide. My   panic   aid   is   an   organization   who’s   sole   purpose   is   to   combine   innovative   ideas   with   technology   to   offer   personal   support   services   at   the   lowest possible price. We strive to protect and support you to such an extent that no crisis will be too big to handle.   VISION To grow into the largest support services institution in South Africa and enable every person to benefit from the current system. To use technology to benefit the masses and ensure that support is not measured by income.   MISSION To provide services to the client that is unmatched in value for money, The developing of unique innovative South African technology. To create high end sustainable jobs. Always make a positive impact where ever my panic aid gets involved. PRODUCTS My   panic   aid   is   constantly   evolving   and   development   is   being   done   on   a   permanent   basis   to   keep   up   with   technology   and   innovations,   this   means   that   the   client   is   always   on   the   forefront   of   the   newest concerning personal support and assistance. 24/7 personal assistance, this is achieved through a team of well trained personnel working in shifts waiting for any distress signal send by our client. The   signal   is   generated   via   a   sms   send   as   a   speed   dial   from   your   cell   phone,   as   the   signal   reaches   the   operating   centre   the   signal   is   immediately   routed   to   an   operator   who   in   turn   calls   back   to   the   number from whom the panic was received. The operator does have at this stage all your personal information as well as a map on where he can identify where the cell phone currently is.  
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