Emergency Medical Service
Medical Advice and Information Hotline Medical   personnel,   including   paramedics,   nurses   and   doctors,   are   available   24   hours   a   day   to   provide   general   medical   information   and   advice.   This is an advisory service, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis.   Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance Hotline In   addition   to   the   general   medical   advice   service,   one   call   to   the   same   number   will   trigger   the   medical   operators   who   will   guide   you   through   a medical crisis situation, provide you with emergency advice and organise for you to receive the support you require.   Referral to Crisis Line Bereavement counselling, HIV counselling, Suicide counselling. Referrals to Medical Practitioners and Facilities We will refer you to the nearest medical facility or practitioners. Emergency Medical Response to the Scene of a Medical Emergency An   appropriate   response   will   be   undertaken   whereby   a   response   vehicle   will   be   dispatched   immediately   to   the   scene   of   a   medical   emergency   where appropriate   life   saving   support   will   be   provided   to   the   beneficiary/s   and   where   relevant,   the   beneficiary/s   will   be   stabilised   before   transfer   is   provided to the closest appropriate medical facility. Medical Transportation In   the   event   of   you   experiencing   a   medical   emergency,   we   will   arrange   for   emergency   medical   transport   to   the   nearest   medical   facility   capable   of providing   adequate   care.   Medical   considerations,   the   degree   of   urgency,   your   state   and   fitness   to   travel   and   other   considerations,   including   but   not limited   to,   airport   availability,   weather   conditions   and   distance   to   be   covered,   as   assessed   by   the   doctor   and   support   staff,   will   determine   whether transport will be provided by private, medically equipped aircraft, helicopter, regular schedule flight, rail or road.   Inter-hospital Transfer If   the   doctor,   in   consultation   with   the   attending   doctor,   determines   that   treatment   should   continue   at   an   alternate   medical   facility   (because   the necessary   treatment   cannot   be   continued   at   the   present   facility)   we   will   arrange   for   transportation   to   the   closest   facility   where   the   treatment   can   be continued after you have been stabilised.   Medical Repatriation In   the   event   of   your   hospitalisation   outside   of   your   hometown,   we   will   assist   in   arranging   for   your   repatriation   to   your   hometown   once   you   have   been treated. Escorted Return of Minors In   the   event   of   your   children   being   stranded   as   a   result   of   your   hospitalisation,   we   will   arrange   for   their   transportation,   under   supervision   where necessary, into the care of a person nominated by you. Compassionate Visits Should   you   be   hospitalised   outside   your   hometown   for   a   period   exceeding   five   (5)   consecutive   days,   we   will   arrange   for   the   transportation   of   a   close relative to visit you
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