Intelligent Panic
(EACH SIMCARD A MEMBER) In a panic situation, you never want to be alone! Intelligent   Panic   provides   you   and   your   loved   ones   with   24   hour   access   to   your   own   experienced   crisis   manager   -   who   will   help   you   through   your emergency.  You never have to remember an emergency number again! My   Panic   aid   is   a   breakthrough   in   emergency   support   –   you   will   never   have   to   remember   another   emergency   number   again.   My   Panic   aid   has   access to every emergency service you may need, as well as access to your own security company, medical information and other useful contacts. You will never be alone in an emergency! My Panic aid service provides you with your very own crisis manager. When you are in an emergency – WE take charge! Your crisis manager will call you back on your cell phone and help you through your crisis – whatever that may be. Do   you   need   emergency   medical   advice   over   the   phone,   do   you   need   to   find   a   doctor   or   an   ambulance   fast,   have   you   been   involved   in   an   accident   or are you lost and feeling vulnerable? Intelligent Panic is there for you.  Access every emergency support service out there from one button on your cell phone. To   have   access   to   My   Panic   aid,   you   need   to   register   and   then   choose   one   number   on   your   cell   phone   that   acts   as   your   panic   button.   In   an emergency,   just   press   that   one   number   –   and   we   take   charge   of   the   rest.   Your   crisis   manager   will   call   you   back   and   access   the   most   appropriate support that you need. Your crisis manager will be in telephone contact until your crisis situation is resolved.   How do I register on My Panic aid? You will be introduced to My Panic aid by your broker. As a result you will receive a SMS within a short space of time. “Welcome   to   My   Panic   Aid.   Save   Your   *   own   unique   number   #   and   assign   it   to   a   speed   dial   number   after   you   saved   it   on   your   phone   under   your contacts” Please note that any costs that are incurred through arrangements made independently and not via the centre will not be reimbursed. All of these benefits are only available through the call centre on 0861 SELECT (735328) All of these benefits are ONLY available through the call centre on 0861 735328 (Select) Please note that any cost incurred/arrangements made independently of the call centre will not be reimbursed. Partners and benefits may change from time to time. Terms & Conditions Apply. E&OE
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