Legal Assistance
24 hour Legal Advice Assist   beneficiaries   and   their   immediate   family   have   on-going   access   to   a   24-hour   legal   advisory   service   on   any   aspect   of   the law such as criminal law, family law, constitutional law, child law, labour law, motor law, etcs 30-Minute Free Consultation This   service   involves   a   free   initial   30-minute   consultation   should   any   matter   require   legal   action.   The   beneficiary   will   then   be referred to a lawyer who forms part of our national network for a direct free 30-minute consultation. Free Standard Legal Documents If   a   beneficiary   requires   a   purchase,   sale,   lease,   or   prenuptial   agreement,   employment   contracts,   etc,   we   will   provide   these   free at   his   or   her   request. The   beneficiary   will   also   be   advised   on   the   application   of   each   of   these   documents   and   the   procedures   and principles that apply.
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